Marriage celebrants are appointed to make the wedding easy and fun so that it can become a beautiful memory. Now there are a lot of authorised marriage celebrants in Melbourne among which you need to choose the best one suited for your wedding. So to know them you need to meet them and ask few questions while having a conversation. Only after the conversation you will be able to take a justified decision about whom to choose.

Let’s look at few of the questions you should definitely ask:

 Ask About the Services Provided By the Authorised Marriage Celebrant

All the authorised marriage celebrants in Melbourne almost give the same services, but there is still some differences. Someone might be guiding you throughout the wedding very well, someone might be personalising the style according to your needs, etc. So once you know about their services in detail you may proceed accordingly.

 Clarify Everything Regarding the Place of Marriage

Some marriage celebrants won’t work in few places as they have their own selected list of venues and locations. Apart from this they don’t go to ceremonies which are held by the Registrar of Marriage at their own office. So it’s advisable that you check with the local council for more information on the wedding venue and location and clarify if the marriage celebrant can come at your place of choice.

 Always Do Ask About the Cost

The cost really matters a lot, so get quotations from various marriage celebrants in Melbourne to compare and choose the most appropriate one which you can afford. The highly experienced celebrants will charge more because they give personalised services.

 Clarify About Your Wedding Witnesses?

Usually celebrants allow anyone to be your witness provided they can demonstrate your marriage. Well, some also allow children to be the witness as the marriage act of 1955 has no minimum age stipulated for a witness. So discuss with the celebrant about the person, who you want to be your wedding witness.

 Ask If They Help With the Notice of Intended Marriage and the Marriage License

A lot of legal paperwork needs to be done and submitted for the marriage to happen if you are in Melbourne, starting from the notice of intended marriage till getting the marriage license. You might face a lot of difficulties if you try to do it yourself, so it’s better to ask if the marriage celebrants can help you with that. The marriage celebrants of Melbourne are legally authorised by the Registrar General to help you with all the legalities.

 These are few of the questions which you should definitely ask before hiring an authorised marriage celebrant in Melbourne. It’s not necessary that you need to ask all the questions on your first meet only, as you may also ask these on the next meeting also. Now if you are looking for celebrants in Melbourne you may contact our friendly team because we provide experienced and authorised celebrants at an affordable rate.